Bend Don't Break: My Son's Survival


About the Book  

Bend Don’t Break is a memoir filled with both desperation and hope. She researched. She prayed. She believed. She questioned. She did all she could to help her son survive. Feeling hopeless and lost, not knowing which way to turn, she trusted. She trusted Medical Doctors, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Therapists, and yet, not until wilderness therapy did she find the hope for her son that she so desperately needed.

Cindy Weber has been writing this book off and on with many contributions from her son, Austin, over the past five years. He first experienced health issues in 2012 from an allergic reaction to a medication. SJS, a rare, serious disorder ensued; where all of his body’s mucous membranes blistered like a burn victim and sloughed off. This illness then led to six months of lethargy, followed by several mental health crises and then two other serious illnesses.

She did all she could think to do to help her youngest son stay alive. It wasn’t until she found out about wilderness therapy that hope returned. It was during this time that she was invited to read a book written by a wilderness therapist, which helped her understand young adults from a therapist’s point of view. However, Cindy wondered where the book written by a parent and for other parents was. She decided to write it herself and set off with determination on that quest. Bend, Don’t Break: My Son’s Survival illustrates her son’s struggles from her perspective. She shares this heartfelt, deeply personal story with Austin’s cooperation, insights, and blessing. She hopes it will help and inspire other parents and everyone who knows someone struggling with mental or physical health to stand beside their loved one with love and support. You are not alone. There is always hope.

Look for Cindy’s next book in which she details how she survived, and even found a bit of peace on some of the darkest days.

About the Author

Cindy Weber was 52 years old when her youngest son’s illness changed her entire family’s lives. Cindy grew up on a dairy farm on the rolling hills near Ridgeway, Wisconsin. Chores were expected of everyone in her family including she and all ten of her siblings. Her parents were strict Catholics who worked hard and instilled those work ethics in their children. She became a certified yoga teacher in the midst of her son’s struggles for wellness. Her previous work on the farm, in a grocery store, as a school teacher, as a parent . . . none of the doctor appointments or compulsive research was enough. The serious desperation that she felt was insurmountable. She came to realize that relying only on Western medicine was not the answer. It was only when she sent her son off to the wilderness with 12 pairs of underwear did she find hope.