I started yoga classes at a time when I was looking for "WORK LIFE BALANCE". Yoga has helped me learn to make time for myself.  I'm a better spouse, parent & friend and I'm happier!



Thank you so very much for being such an awesome instructor! You do such an extraordinary method of describing the postures. I learn so much from your classes. Thank you again for all you do to keep us healthy in mind, body, and soul!



Cindy with Cinergy fitness in McFarland has a studio in her home. It's a great convenient location & easy to find with ample parking unless you bike or walk, which I have done. I love her Yoga classes and I find the atmosphere in her studio very relaxing, comfortable for Men and women and teens too. Her teaching style is very easy to maneuver through with absolutely no intimidating or feel of frustration. Unless she having us put our leg around around our Neck called the Pigeon. :-) (I'm just kidding on that part) Cindy is very informative and educational letting us know the advantage of doing a certain pose. If a pose is a challenge she teaches other options. When I leave her Yoga class my body feels relaxed and rejuvenated. Opening our joints and stretching out our every muscle once a week at least is a wonderful gift to give to our bodies. Try it out a couple of times. You will not be sorry. You will LOVE it.

I am grateful for the inner peace, tighter core, and strength of community from those that work out together. You make it all possible!

I can’t tell you how much better I feel. Your classes have been a mind & body awakening for me. It has really helped me move forward in my life in a positive way.

Cindy Weber is an amazing asset to the Suzy Favor Hamilton running and walking club. She brings a unique approach to stretching and strengthening the body through PiYo (Pilates & Yoga). She has the ability to make you feel incredibly relaxed and confident in your poses. She has brought a new element to our training that we can cherish forever.
Suzy Favor Hamilton

Of all the things I enjoy doing in WI, your classes rank the highest and I miss them the most. See you in late April or early May.

I look forward to Cindy's yoga classes all the time. She shares her valuable and well needed stretching exercise in a very calm and comfortable environment. It's not intimidating at all and I have shared my thoughts with many of my friends. My husband and 13-year-old son will be joining me soon. They need to improve their flexibility as we all do. Stretching comfortably and correctly is so important and Cindy helps with that. It helps my posture, balance and really opens my joints & muscles. I feel REFRESHED and revived. I have found the more I do yoga, the less my joints and arthritis hurts.


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Deb Engen says...
"Cindy came and shared Yoga for adults and children at my Wellness class. We had 116 teachers there and Cindy did 2 break out sessions. Her reviews were great. Many teachers said they are taking some of the moves back to their classrooms to teach their students. Thanks for sharing this experience with so many teachers. We will all be more flexible and relaxed because of you. Deb Engen" (4/15/16)