Bend Don't Break: My Son's Survival
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Look for Cindy's book on Xlibris, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Target or buy a signed copy directly from the author by emailing her at
Victoria Shinagel was a dear friend to Cindy. Her father, the longest serving Dean at Harvard; her mother a librarian, made Victoria a most gifted writer. She helped transform Cindy's book into something pride-worthy. Cindy was able to help Victoria, author of Angel on the Inside, put the final touches on her book before her untimely death prior to Cindy's publishing date
Austin is surrounded by two therapists who helped him change his life; Taylor from Red Mountain Sedona (left) and Lee Anne from New Vision Wilderness Therapy
Austin's wolf tattoo on his right calf
Austin showing off his "Survive" tattoo on his right bicep following his survival of Stevens Johnson Syndrome mucosal involvement, and a huge mandala owl on his right thigh
Otter tattoo on right inner calf
Trailer for Cindy's book
Stevens-Johnson syndrome mucosal involvement began Austin's journey through physical and mental health crises