Bend Don't Break: My Son's Survival
My book, Bend Don't Break: My Son's Survival, is now available for purchase through me, my publisher (Xlibris), on Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.

I wrote this book on and off over a five-years period because I could not find one written by a parent for other parents while we were going through some tough times with our son, Austin. His physical and mental health struggles were unfamiliar territory. Gratitude fills my heart for Austin, who collaborated with me throughout the writing process, and especially on our very emotional rewrite. I am also grateful to my family; especially Art, Calvin and Alyse for their love and support. A humble thank you to everyone who helped us along this journey, particularly my dear departed friend, Victoria. Her command of the English language was transformative for my book.

Please consider sharing this book with friends (or anyone who has someone struggling with mental health). A percentage of the proceeds will help fund other young people in treatment. If you would like to make a scholarship donation, please note that.

To order a signed copy directly from me, please call, text or email: 608-843-4120; Simply let me know whose name to write the book and the shipping address.
Reduced price directly through me: $25 hardcover; $15 softcover (shipping included)

I am working on my second book in which I share how a parent can survive while their child is struggling.