Welcome to Cinergy Fitness, LLC! I teach many fitness formats, and helping you achieve your goals is my passion. I closed down my McFarland studio, and will be moving to Arizona the end of May. Until then, I am teaching in many places. Click on the 'Class Schedule' tab above for a listing of classes. Then click on each class to see a description.

Click on the Class Schedule Link above to see which class(es) work best for you. When you click on an individual class you'll see a description which should hold everything you need to know about each Cinergy Fitness class.


If you'd like to join me before I move, you may pay the drop-in rate of $10/class. 



(Please register on their websites, as you'll need to pay them)

UW Health The American Center Studio  $10      Warm Water Therapy Pool  $7

Kinema Fitness  $10         McFarland UCC  $10 (register with me)

DreamBank Madison  FREE!



Recipes: Enjoy quick and simple recipes! Click on my 'Recipes' tab above to find healthy and nutritious recipes which are gluten-free and adaptable for the 4-Day Cleanse. The 4-Day Cleanse is always available day by day under 'Files" tab and in it's entirety under "News". It is something we should do for ourselves quarterly. It will help re-set your digestive tract and help you uncover food sensitivities.


My heart to yours!